New “Best of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach” Available

Sojourn Record’s partner in Israel, Tav Hashmini, has released a beautiful 28-song, 2-CD set using the tracks from their license with Sojourn. Sojourn is now making this English version of the collection available here in the US and Canada.The physical CD is available for purchase at and Or it is available digitally from multiple outlets, i.e. Amazon MP3, iTunes, etc.

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Teurah Jewish Music Blog Post

Jack Zaientz creates his own list of significant moments in Jewish music history in response to Tablet’s 100 best Jewish songs ever. Notice that number 3 is Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. Here’s the link.

Below is the You Tube video of Shlomo Carlebach performing “Boi B’Shalom” in 1973.

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Shlomo Carlebach’s “Wake Up World” to be re-released by Sojourn Records

Sojourn Records is very pleased to announce the upcoming re-release of Shlomo Carlebach’s “Wake Up World”. Originally released in 1965, this is one of the masterpieces of Rabbi Carlebach’s lengthy and prolific career. Featuring orchestration by Milton Okun, “Wake Up World” is a  beautiful and rich depiction of Carlebach’s timeless songwriting and his spiritual and humanitarian beliefs. Lost to listeners for many years, “Wake Up World” has been unavailable in a digital format. Carefully restored by Sojourn co-founder Mark Ambrosino, “Wake Up World” is again ready for listeners to enjoy. Sojourn is excited to have the ability, with the exclusive license from the Carlebach’s estate, to offer this to another generation of music lovers.

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January 9th and January 16th Neshama Carlebach and Top Israeli Performers remember Shlomo Carlebach

The 15th anniversary of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach’s death has passed but is still being honored as his daughter, Neshama Carlebach and other Jewish/Israeli superstars celebrate the music of the late composer. On January 9th, the event entitled – Haneshama Lach – “Shabbat shel Zahav” Songs of R’ Shlomo Carlebach, Marking the 15th anniversary of the passing of R’ Shlomo zt”l is featuring Neshama Carlebach, Koby Aflalo, Etti Ankri, Din Din Aviv, Hemi Rudner, Heichal Hatarbut, Kibbutz Yagur, Moetzet Zevulun.

On January 16th, the second event is entitled Haneshama Lach Songs of R’ Shlomo Carlebach Marking the 15th anniversary of the passing of R’ Shlomo zt”l and is featuring Neshama Carlebach, Din Din Aviv, Etti Ankri, Meir Banay, Shlomo Bar, David D’Or, Shay Gabso, Mika Karni. It takes place at Hangar 11 in Tel Aviv.

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Shlomo Carlebach

Sojourn Records is under an exclusive license from The Estate of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach to release newly discovered recordings of performances previously not available to the public. Sojourn released “Songs of Peace” in October 2009 as the first installment of many recordings to come. This remarkable CD includes two performances from 1973 that have never been released. Due to the challenges of reproducing live recordings, Sojourn selected these two performances after reviewing a variety of material based on the quality of the sound reproduction and the spirit of the events. Sojourn has attempted to present this material as unedited as possible and has painstakingly worked to prepare the recordings and master them so that they can be preserved for future generations to hear.

The recording is produced by Mark Ambrosino and Tom Laverack, the co-founders of Sojourn Records. Ambrosino, who is a professional musician, engineer and producer, edited and mixed the raw recordings after each was transferred from the original tape format. The recording was mastered at the renowned Gateway Mastering Studio in Portland, Maine by the amazingly talented Adam Ayan.

The artwork for the CD package was also undertaken with the same care. Sojourn is fortunate to work closely with David Narcizo of Lakuna Design in Newport, Rhode Island.  Dave’s beautiful vision for this package supports the beautiful recordings that  it represents. The booklet within the digipak is equally strinking and includes the lyrics and additonal notes from Shlomo’s daughters and from Shlomo himself.

Though no longer alive, these recordings bring to life the magical ability that Rabbi Carlebach inherently had. His music, as these performances attest, are infused with such humanity, spirituality and love that the listener is transformed, despite his or her cultural or religious background. His search for unity and “oneness” amongst all people is palpable in his music. The hope for healing is strong, despite the obstacles that stand in the way. As he sings, “The whole wide world is waiting…waiting for Shabbos”.  Shlomo wrote: “Shabbos is (coming) back to Paradise, a place where suddenly it’s clear to me that I can fix all my mistakes. And even more so, everything I thought was a mistake, every street I thought was the wrong street, was on the way to get there. Shabbos is the deepest healing in the world.”

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